John 18:1-14 – The Creator Taken Captive by His Creation

Today we were given a clear reminder…Jesus Christ WILLINGLY gave Himself up for us.

When Judas came with his band of soldiers (600 men?) he was well prepared and ready for a conflict.  They would not have brought so many soldiers if they did not think there was justification.  Jesus, who was severely out-numbered in the eyes of man simply spoke and they were pushed back to the ground.  Jesus said to them “I am.”  Think back to Exodus 3:14ff when God told Moses that “I am who I am has sent you.”  When Jesus said this, He claimed to be God.  The force of His statement drove the people all around to fall back on the ground.  Imagine somewhere around 600 guards, Judas and other religious leaders who may have come along all dropping to the ground at the word of Christ.  Jesus Christ was in charge of this situation.
Jesus, then called those who had come to take Him captive back to their task.  He told them to come get Him!  Peter, always ready to take some action, went into battle mode.  I have often heard people ridicule this fisherman’s ability with the sword for cutting off Malchius’ ear and missing everything else.  Although, we probably should remember that Malchius was surely not on the scene with no protection.  If you wanted to fight someone and he was wearing a helmet and armor on his shoulder and chest, what would you go for?  Peter went for the flesh he saw on the side of the head.  Jesus calmed the situation by healing Malchius (one of his captors) and assuring His disciples that He was to fulfill what God had ordained.
Jesus willingly gave His life as a perfect sacrifice for our sin.  Praise His name!  Let this love He has shown us stir up in our hearts a greater love for our Lord and Savior!
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