John 18:28-40 – What is Truth?

The Jews brought Jesus to the Romans to put Jesus to death.  Pilate begins to question Jesus to find out exactly what is going on. 

An amazing dialogue occurred between Jesus and Pilate.  Jesus proclaims that He has come to bear witness of the truth and whoever is of the truth listens to His voice.
Pilate asks the philosophical question, “What is truth?”

Let’s talk about truth.
Truth is knowable.
I am Andy…you are you.
I am not you…you are not me.
I am not me and you at the same time.
You are not you and me at the same time.
Catch your breath…mind blowing stuff.

Some people like to say that truth is not knowable, that it is relative to individuals (i.e. what is true for me may not be true for you), etc.  The truth is, truth is bigger than me.  I cannot dictate what is true and what is not true. All I can do is suppress the truth, attempting to deny it.  But my attempt to suppress the truth does not make it false.  That is reality…that is true.

Truth is that which corresponds with reality.  Whether people admit it or not.

So, let’s get a dose of reality.

-The Jews knew Jesus claimed to be the Son of God.
-Jesus was crucified.
-Jesus rose from the dead (want witnesses?  There were hundreds.)
-Jesus words are reliable…true

This is not merely “spirituality” as the world may view it today.  It is reality.  It is truth.

So Christian, be encouraged.  Jesus is the real deal.  Which means you are the real deal.  Jesus Christ is LORD!
Be committed.  Jesus is LORD.
Be a proclaimer.  Jesus is LORD.

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