John 1:9-13

What about this statement that Jesus was the true Light that lights every man, woman & child that comes into the world?  Now I would have to ask whether you heard about Jesus. Next I would make a statement that every Israelite must have heard about Jesus while He walked in Israel.  That gives no excuse if they reject Him.
The next statement may be even more profound, “yet that the world was made by Him but the world did not know Him.”  I will ask anyone who reads this, “Do you know Him?” Do you really know Him?” If you really know Him, what does He mean to you?”  Do you really know Him?” No excuses please.
In the next verse we must identify who were His own.  To me it is the Jews of His time on earth.  We could be broader to even include the nation Israel of today or even all mankind as He is our Creator.  We sing in a song, “When Christ the mighty Maker died for man the creature’s sin.
The next verse begins with, “but as many that received Him were given authority to become sons of God.”  This is what we call sonship, but includes women and children and all who believe on His name.  If you want to know the depth of this read Philippians 2:5-11. 
Next we have the term born of God.  Blood is the first birth from our parents.  The will of the flesh means to come to Him by our own will, the will of man.  Someone could overpower you by persuasive words convincing you that you must accept Christ.  After that kind of decision you could possibly say to yourself, “Why did I do that?”, but if it is the real thing you are born of God.
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