John 19:1-11

I would not have liked to stand in Pilates place for anything. His was a place of power in the Roman system.  Now he is faced with a task he had never bargained for.  Here in these verses we have the terrible torture of the Lord Jesus, perhaps not ministered by Pilate but those in his command.
There is the  terrible scouraging, the beating. Then the crown of thorns.  Isaiah 52:14 says, “His visage was marred more than any man.”  
Pilate thought all that would please the Jews so he brought Jesus out saying, “I find no fault in Him.” Could he find anything in the sinless perfection of the Lord Jesus Christ?
I want to settle in on the words, “Behold the Man!”  I have heard a beautiful sermon on these three words.  Was there ever a man that walked the face of the earth like this Man?  Name one if you think you can.  He was the sinless Son of God who went about always doing good.  He is undescribable.  We need to take time to behold Him.  
Pilate was afraid when the Jews said, “He made Himself the Son of God.”  I wouldn’t be in his shoes for anything.
Pilate then asks Jesus where He came from. No answer from Jesus.  Pilate then said, “Don’t you know I have power to crucify you or release you?”  Then Jesus puts him on the spot saying that he had no power at all. Pilate was a pawn in all this.
Now when we behold Jesus here and in other Bible verses we have choices to make.  The first choice is whether we want Him to be our Savior.  Then it is whether we want to serve Him.
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