John 20:1-10 – So That You Might Believe

Matthew 28:13 informs us that the Pharisees had instructed the guards who had been at the tomb of Jesus to report that the disciples had come by night and stole the body of Jesus.  John, writing so that we will believe, gives his account of the resurrection in a way that addresses this false report.  

John’s account tells us the following things:
1.  The disciples were not the first people to come to the tomb.
2.  They came for the first time early in the morning.
3.  The men and the women were surprised that the body was gone.
4.  When they entered the tomb, all the clothes were still laying there where the body had been, except for the cloth covering Jesus’ face, which had been folded and set aside (Nobody stole the body in haste).
5.  After seeing the scene, John believed that the only possible conclusion was that Jesus had risen from the dead.

The lies being spread by the Jewish leaders and their hired help were proven to be false.
Jesus really did rise from the dead.  Do you believe?

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