John 21:1-14

I go fishing was the words of Peter.  I don’t know why he made that decision.  I am not sure I care to guess.  I have  in my past  heard preachers speak various reasons of what they thought about this passage.  I am content to just leave it there.
Did you notice when a person makes a decision and makes it known there will be someone who will follow? My lesson from this story is that you will be an influence to someone in every verbal decision you make.  The more prominent you are the more people that could be affected by your choice.  Peter was a leader so he had six disciples that were willing to go with him.
The next thing I want to note is that they caught nothing.  Peter was already told by Jesus , ” Follow  me and I will make you fishers of men.” Peter what are you doing in that fishing boat?  He had already talked to the risen Christ by this time.
When success did not come to those in the boat, Jesus is already in place on the shore.  He asks, “Have you any meat?” the sheepish answer is, “No” . Then Jesus instructs them and they came up with the mulitude of fish.  John who seemed to have discernment said, “It is the Lord.”   Peter couldn’t wait for the ones in the boat, but jumped in and swam to shore.  He had to get close to Jesus. 
Did Jesus need the fish? Yet He said,” Bring the fish you have caught.” He already had food ready for them.  He simply said, “Come and dine.”  After reading the four gospels I am not going to question where He got the food.  I will simply honor Him and come and dine and will say the same to you, “Come and dine.”
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