John 2:12-25

These verses record the happenings of the Lord Jesus after the miracle of making water into wine representing the new covenant.   The old was the Old Testament representing the old wine skins and the old garment that Jesus spoke about in another gospel.
Now Jesus after the wedding in Cana went down to Capernaum with His mother, brothers and sisters. That seems to be his base of operations from that time since according to Luke 4:29-30 the people of Nazareth made it uncomfortable to stay there.
Then when the Jewish feast of Passover was happening Jesus went up to Jerusalem.  Jesus kept all the religious feasts as I really believe He instituted them in the Law of Moses.  When He got there He found in the temple things that angered Him.  He drove out the ones who were making money on sacrificed animals and changing money for a profit.  He called the temple His father’s house.  He wanted right worship to be done in the temple.
I have always been interested in why Jesus said, “Destroy this temple.” The Jews mistook what he meant and I believe the disciples didn’t know that He meant His body until after his resurrection.  However the Jews used it at the mock trial of Jesus.
There is an interesting phrase about Jesus in verses 24-25. He did not commit Himself to man because He (as God) knew what was in man. 
What this means is that I can hold nothing in secret from Him. They couldn’t then either.
So I may as well give my whole life to Him holding nothing back.
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