John 5:19-29

These words are probably the best in the Bible of Jesus explaining as to who He is.  There is that perfect relationship of Jesus with God the Fahter.  By the way we should realize this kind of relationship is now ours.  Away with this world and all its frills.
Next Jesus is talking about raising up the dead.  All in its time of course. If we know him we will be raised up in the proper time. Jesus said that all judgment is given to Him.  I rest in that situation.  He then said, “He that heareth thy word and believeth on Him that sent me hath everlasting life.”
We can rest in this statement as He is God who cannot lie.
Jesus also has authority to execute judgment.  Therefore, He will be at two judgments.  For believers the”Judgment Seat of Christ”, 2 Corinthian 5, and the “Great White Throne” for those who did not believe and accept Him. 
Nothing is done without Jesus Christ.  How glad I am that I am on His side and will be eternally.
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