John 9:13-23

I find this an interesting story of the healing of the man that was born blind.  One thing that the enemies of Jesus were angry at was that He healed a man on the Sabbath Day.  Couldn’t you care less if a whole host of blind men were healed on the Sabbath Day?  Even the Jews should have rejoiced about that. 
The man formerly blind gave a wonderful simple testimony of how Jesus put clay on his eyes and told him to go to the pool of Siloam and wash.  Sometimes it is good to have a simple testimony on how we were saved.  This man who remains unnamed stood firm on his belief that the man called Jesus had healed him.  Do you realize that ungodly men will try to wrench out from your simple testimony how Jesus saved you?  Do you have a testimony?  Are you really saved?
Next, they ask the mans parents whether he was born blind.  They didn’t want to make a commitment.  How many pwople when tempted to lean toward Jesus refuse to commit themselves fearing how people will think or say of them.  The chief fear of the parents was to be thrown out of the Synagogue.  What people need to do is come out for Jesus like the formerly blind man rejecting everything else. 

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