Jude 12-19

There are three evil ways in former verse 11. They are the way of Cain, their error of Balaam and the rebellion of Korah.

I had to repeat the above verse to show what kind of people are spots in the love feasts.  Feasting without fear could mean they don’t understand what it is to fear only God and nothing else.

Clouds without water means there is nothing in them to support vegetation for the tender plants of the Christian congregation whom they profess to be part of. Late autumn trees means real fruit fearing is long over and they have nothing to offer as fruit to the people to feed on.

Raging waves of the seer meaning nothing good comes from them.  Wandering stars would mean no direction for people who don’t know the proper way.

What I find interesting about Enoch is that he had a reputation that he walked with God.  Now if he walked with God it stands to reason he would be getting something others would not be getting.  For one thing he named his son, Methuselah which means, “when he is dead it shall come.”  Methuselah died when Noah entered the ark to save 8 people plus animals.  What he said here is fulfilled in Revelation 19:11-14. We have Enoch in Genesis 5 and now his prediction goes to almost the end of time.

The rest of these verses continue to speak of the men of last days as mockers walking after their own ungodly lusts, sensual people who cause divisions etc.  They don’t have the spirit.  All true Christians have the Spirit of God meaning these are not even saved.  No wonder they cause trouble among churches.

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