Jude 12-19

The word spots in our love feasts are an interesting term.   It means everyone who eats and fellowships in so called Christianity are not saved.  Clouds without water?  What are clouds for, to bring rain.  Trees without fruit, what good are they?
They are like waves of the sea bringing filth to the shore.  Now what good are sailors of the sea in that day when stars give no direction?  Christians need to give direction so people know where to go. 
Next we have a prophesy of Enoch.  This is a prophesy of Revelation 19:11.  How true but I am not aware of how Jude got it. It might have been a book Enoch wrote.  Some seem to think they know something about it but I don’t.  However Jude writes that Enoch’s prophesy is also like Revelation 19:11 and also Psalm 110:1.  “Sit at my right hand till I make your enemies your footstool.”  Next he adds, “but you beloved”, meaning that we know what is the right way. 
by Pastor Curt Darling
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