Lamentations 4:13-22

Jeremiah in the first verse which I am writing about speaks that Israel’s demise is because the spiritual quality of the nation has failed.  In verse 13 he speaks of the sins of her prophets.  These were the men who were to relay the voice of God in warning of upcoming judgment to the people and failed to do so.  Jeremiah had a lot of trouble from these men. Then he speaks of the iniquities of the priests.  They were the men who should have given spiritual quality to the nation.  They also failed. So the nation was taken away into captivity.
In the USA we have the same failures.  There are spiritual qualities in many places, but much of it is a dry thirsty land.
Then I want to look inside.  As a man who proclaimed the ways and will of God for sixty years this month I must evaluate myself before I can look at others.

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