Let The Water Flow! – John 7:30-39

Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all that  the sacrifices and feasts of the Jews were designed to point to and picture for the people.  Sadly over the years the Jews looked to the sacrifices and feasts themselves as religious works for salvation. Jesus stood and cried out that He was the fulfillment of living water that would bring eternal life.

1.  Implication – Every person has “thirst
2.  Investigation – Every person seeks to find what will “satisfy” their thirst
3.  Invitation – Every person can only find full satisfaction and eternal life through Jesus Christ

Every person wakes up with “thirst” or desires and pursues what they think will satisfy the desires of their heart.  Jesus Christ invites all to come to Him as the water of life. If we will receive Jesus Christ, He will fill us with His Spirit and we will be satisfied and also become a channel to share the water of life with others!

Walk with the Lord and let the water flow!!!

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