Live In Comfort! – John 14:15-24

In light of His soon departure, Christ tells His disciples that He will ask the Father to send another Comforter.  The Holy Spirit has been sent to indwell believers and to encourage and help them in their walk with God.

1.  The Promise of the Holy Spirit – Christ made this promise when He was preparing to leave this world bodily.
2.  The Pattern of the Holy Spirit – “another” Comforter means another of the exact same kind.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are fully one in essence.
3.  The Power of the Holy Spirit – To manifest the Word, will and way of God to believers just like Jesus did for the disciples.  To help us live

As a believer, I have the Comforter living in me so I should live “in Comfort” (filled or controlled by the Holy Spirit).

Walk with the Lord and live in Comfort!!!

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