Live To Please God! – John 8:21-30

Jesus plainly stated that His goal on earth was to always please the Father!  This should be my goal as well.

1.  Demand – God is my creator and my redeemer.  I belong to Him twice and He has the right for me to do His will and not my own.
2.  Display – Jesus Christ is my example of living to please the Father.
3.  Description – Living to please God means doing His will, in His way, for His glory, even if it means physical death.

Am I willing to lay down my life and yield all rights in order to please God?  It is pleasing to God to love Him and others.  Show God my love today through giving, serving, yielding, caring for others.  Share God’s love through me today by giving, serving, yielding and caring for others.

Walk with the Lord and live to please God!!!

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