Love – Deuteronomy 12-15

    The Word of Life quiet time skipped over a couple of chapters in Deuteronomy this week.  If you are doing your devotions with this program, you might like reading the passages they occasionally skip over.  If you do, you will read through the Bible every six years. 
    Today, we are going to do our blog a little differently.  Instead of reading what I think about this passage, let’s see what you are finding in God’s Word…

    Here is your challenge.  With the understanding that the whole law is formed around the command and principle to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love you neighbor as yourself, let’s look through these four chapters (Deut. 12-15) and find all the ways the children of Israel were encouraged to love God and others.  Remember, the book of Deuteronomy has many items which would be classified as case law.  These chapters give detailed steps at how to obey the greatest commandments in their nation and in their time.  Principally speaking, the case laws in the Old Testament can show us examples of how the greatest commandments could be exercised even today.

    So, what can you find?  How is God instructing His people to love Himself and to love their neighbors in these four chapters?  Please leave your comments.

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