Luke 11:1-13

Lord teach us to pray. Who best can teach them to pray than Jesus.  Do you think that Jesus only communicated with His Father only after His 30th year when He entered His public ministry. I think not.  His was a perfect example of a praying man. The prayer that He taught them was a perfect example of the ingredients of prayer.  Let’s go into it.  I don’t believe Jesus meant that it should be recited in every church service.  it was automatic at a certain point in the church where I grew up.  In fact the whole service except the preaching was in the back of the hymnal.  The first part of this prayer is worship of the Father in Heaven.  The second ingredient is the holiness of the name of God.  How wrong I was before I accepted Christ and used His name in an unholy way.  Then when we are right with God we want the kingdom of God to be installed immediately.  Then we would want the will of God done here on earth which will be when Jesus rules this world.  Then we come to requests such as our daily food.  I am sure it means a little more than food.  Next, we have forgiveness of sins as we are to forgive those who sin against us.  If we are in the right frame of mind this could (and should) be automatic.  We don’t need to wait for them to come to us.  Jesus further gives us practical lessons on prayer.  As we would not give a stone or scorpion to children who ask for bread or fish, God our Father will only give us what is right.
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