Luke 20:27-38

I chuckle when I read this story.  Now the Sadducees didn’t believe in any resurrection.  I don’t know why they were so troubled about Jesus.  Some of them were the Priests of the Temple.  I used to say about some ministers that didn’t seem to believe in anything that they should quit the preaching, get a job, and make an honest living and quit trying to fool the people. 

I have an honest answer to the story about the woman who married the seven brothers (each one at a time).  She was barren and it was not uncommon to marry one of the husband’s unmarried brothers in hopes of gaining an heir.  They asked Jesus about Heaven which they didn’t believe in.  So why did they even bother to ask Jesus about something that they didn’t believe in?  It’s a wonder that Jesus didn’t say don’t bother me.  He already said in Matthew 7:6 not to give holy things to dogs nor cast your pearls before the swine.   Jesus didn’t mean literal dogs and pigs, but it was an analogy to certain kinds of people who could not appreciate spiritual things.  Jesus answer in Matthew 22:29 was you err not knowing the Scripture nor the power of God.  If you believe in something you need to know the facts about what you believe.  They didn’t know anything.  I spent 59 years studying the bible so I could know the facts about Heaven and eternal life.  If you know the facts, no one can trip you up.  Of course Jesus’ answer was perfect.  Ours might not be. 

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