Luke 21:20-38

I don’t really just make a commentary of all that Jesus is saying here.  I do believe a partial fulfillment did happen in 70 A.D.  However, it probably fits more in the passage in Revelations12 where the Devil is cast out of Heaven.  He persecutes Israel and they are scattered to the ends of the earth again.  Then when Jesus comes back, Israel shall look on Him whom the nation had pierced and mourn as a nation. (Zechariah 12:10)

There is something Jesus said about the fig tree (Israel) and all the trees (the nations of the earth) that I find interesting.  I didn’t think that I would be here to see all the things that are happening today.  I thought we Christians would be taken out in what we call the Rapture.  However we are here and things are happening.  Another statement Jesus made was heaven and earth shall pass away but my words will not pass away.  I completely expect that everything Jesus said will be fulfilled eventually.  He is God almighty, knowing the end from the beginning.  Then there is one more word I want to emphasize.  That is the word: “watch”.  We must be like a sentry not only on our guard but we are to watch for the benefit of all around us.  These things are coming and we need to tell others that the only way to escape is having a relationship with Christ for themselves. We must never be at ease, even though our own salvation is secure.  We must be vigilant to tell others the good news that Christ died for their sins in order to make a way of escape.  All they need do is to believe and accept His free gift of salvation .

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