Luke 2:25-38

In these verses we are introduced first of all to a man named Simeon.He is described as just and devout. He is waiting for the consolation of Israel.  There was not much hope in Israel at that time for Rome ruled with a heavy hand.  A man named Herod (a usurper) ruled over a good portion of Israel.  It was revealed to Simeon that he would not die until he would see the Christ.  When Jesus’ parents brought him to the temple, Simeon knew this was the awaited savior and he said to God I have seen my salvation and am ready to go to heaven now.  Simeon was waiting on God’s timing and he got it!  Simeon becomes a prophet telling what would happen to Jesus.  He also predicts that a sword will pierce through his mother Mary’s soul which is fulfilled later as Mary stood at the foot of the cross.  

One thing I want to say is that like Simeon, when we walk with God, He will show us some mighty things.  This is not necessarily in visions and dreams, but the knowledge of His will from the Word of God.  I’ve walked with Him for 58 years now and what He has shown me is tremendous. 

Anna’s faith is also wonderful.  Her and Simeon’s faith are bright islands of light in the midst of the darkness of the times.  Ours can also be that way in our current age of darkness.  The light of Christ shines greatest in times of great darkness.  I can testify of that today.  Anna was now 84 years old and had only been married for seven years before being widowed.  She too was waiting in anticipation for the Christ to be revealed.  She waited patiently and never departed from the temple.  She too accepted Christ as the answer!  She went and told everyone who looked for redemption in Jerusalem.  Why are we so quiet about it today?

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