Luke 3:23-38

I am not sure what I want to say about these verses except for the phrase “as was supposed” son of Joseph.  We should know that in the book of Matthew, Joseph’s father was Jacob.  Why then this genealogy?  Heli had to be Mary’s father.   Both their ancestral lines trace back to David, but each one comes from a different son of David.  The genealogy in Matthew is from Solomon and the one of Mary’s is from Nathan.  Another interesting thing is this one goes all the way back to Adam.  The other other one stops at Abraham.  Matthew speaks of the kingship of Jesus while in the book of Luke, He is spoken about as the Son of Man.  Why are there four Gospels anyway?  I have already spoke of Matthew and Luke’s gospel.  Mark reveals Jesus as God’s perfect servant.  John’s gospel stands alone as Son of God and God the Son who both were there at creation, He is sent here by the Father.  All four gospels show the many facets of the character of God in his Son Jesus Christ and are written to four different audiences. 

Now if Jesus is not the Son of Joseph, to what purpose is he anyway in the story?  Is it just to give Jesus a name?  The purpose goes much deeper than that.  Joseph’s marriage to Mary gives Jesus the right to be the King in David’s line.  If the kings had continued, Joseph would be the king of Israel, but God told the last king no one would further sit on his throne.  Joseph by adoption, gives Jesus that right. 

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