Luke 6:1-12

In these verses we have two incidents.  The first is the complaint about the disciples coming to a grain field and taking a handful of grain and rubbing the kernels out of their husks and eating them. Incidentally this was lawful to do in the law of Moses.  However the Jews had made many of their own rules about the Sabbath that were not in the law.  Jesus was known to walk about with his disciples while teaching them many things.  For them to grab a handful of grain would be proper.  When confronted about this, Jesus brings up an incident about David where he ate the shewbread which was only for the priests to eat.  David was on the run from Saul and he lied to the priest about his journey.

Jesus calls Himself “Lord of the Sabbath” which meant he was referring to himself as God.  Then the second incident is on another Sabbath.  I do believe that Jesus’ life was planned by something that I see in John Chapter eleven.  There we find Thomas fearful that Jesus would be stoned when He said: “Are there not twelve hours in a day?” meaning Jesus’ life in this world was like a twelve hour work day.  Now He heals the man’s withered hand and the Pharisees are furious.  Can you imagine that they would be so upset over a healing?  Now this man can actually work when before he wasn’t able to.  Where was their compassion?  I was worthless before I met Jesus.  Now I can work for Him.  Jesus’ example of prayer is great for me.  However, I am unable to spend all night in prayer.

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