Luke 7:36-50

This happens to be one of my favorite stories in the book of Luke.  I think it reminds me of my own life before I met and followed Jesus Christ.  I understand very well the kind of woman this was.  I didn’t grow up like a Pharisee.  John Newton who wrote the song, “Amazing Grace,” once remarked before he was saved:  “If there is a sin that I haven’t yet done, I will do it.”  I too was that kind of man.  I would not have been able to throw stones at this young lady either. 

This lady found that only Jesus was the one who could help her.  She did what she could by coming to Him.  She showed total humiliation by washing His feet with tears of repentance.  I must confess I didn’t shed tears when I came to Jesus, but I am as saved as she is.  Besides, it is not our emotional response that saves us.  It is the genuineness of our heart that humbles itself before our Lord Jesus and accepts his free gift.  For a woman to wipe someones feet with her hair was considered total humiliation.  Those ladies had beautiful hair.  Do you suppose it is her example from which we get the phrase “letting her hair down”?  Then there was the perfume which might have cost a day laborer a whole years wages.  Her giving that up could have meant her lifestyle would now be over.  Mine was too when I came to Christ. 

Now the Pharisee couldn’t understand why Jesus would let this kind of woman even touch him.  Jesus rebukes the Pharisee for not showing the kindness that was due Him as a guest in his house.  The woman provided this for Him, who Paul called the Lord of glory.  She obtained her reward.  Jesus said “Your sins are forgiven you.”  There again the people in the house did not understand.  Unsaved people can’t understand this kind of forgiveness but Christians should.  He then says “Your faith has saved you.  Go in peace.”

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