Luke 8:26-40

The country of the Gadarenes was outside of the general land area of Israel.  There were two tribes of Israel who chose to build on the other side of the Jordan River and outside of the actual territory of the Promised Land. The people of Gad was one of them.  Next we are introduced to a man who was in terrible shape because a legion of demons had possessed him.  This is the biggest demon possession that I know of in all the Scriptures.  His life was a complete disaster.  I find it interesting that the demons recognized Jesus as the Son of God, while the majority of the Israelites did not.  This applies to our world today.  We find that the demons make a request to be sent into a herd of pigs nearby.  Jesus grants that request and the whole herd of 2000 pigs became so crazed or confused that they ran over the cliff and into the sea. 

The people of the nearby city came out to see what had happened, no doubt due to curiosity.  What they found was the crazy man they once knew, now clothed and in his right mind.  What a transformation!  By the way, when I met Jesus for the first time, I too considered that I was finally in my right mind.  The reaction of the people is priceless.  You’d have thought that they would have been overjoyed that the demoniac had been set free especially since everyone around seemed to fear him.  Instead they reacted in fear and distrust and asked Jesus to depart from them.  Perhaps they were more focused on the lost business of the farmer due to the death of all his pigs than they were that the demoniac had been healed completely.  The young man wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus told him to go home to preach what God had done for him, and preach he did until an area of 10 cities known as Decapolis had heard him.  Later when Jesus returned to that area the people received Him gladly! 

What has Jesus (God) done for you?  Is it worth telling others about?  Then go and tell it faithfully until people will want to come to Christ!!

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