Luke 4:31-44

In the beginning of the chapter, Jesus has to meet the test of Satan to be a man without sin in order to begin His years of ministry.  Then He goes to His home city of Nazareth, proclaims who He is and is rejected by those he grew up with.  This brings us to our above verses when He now establishes Capernaum as His home base.  I believe his mother might have moved there too and Joseph may have passed away by now.  I can’t prove it, but one might surmise that by the absence of Joseph’s name in the passages going forward.

Jesus went into the synagogue and taught and the people were astonished at His doctrine which were words with power.  We have the evidence of the Holy Spirit being with Him from His baptism.  There we have the voice of the Father saying “This is my beloved Son of whom I am well pleased.”  The thing that interests me is the voice of the demon saying don’t destroy us.  How could this humble carpenter of Nazareth be recognized by this demon?  It is because Jesus is who he said He was and would destroy them some day.  We have the word “authority” in verse 36.  I want to recognize his authority over me.  Next Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law proving if Peter was to follow Jesus, He could take care of his family as well.  In the next chapter, Peter does follow along with his brother Andrew and two companion fishermen, James and John. 

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