Make The Right Choice! – Revelation 16:1-11

Life is full of choices.  God gives us the opportunity to make our own choices but not choose the consequences.  This passage describes the first five vial judgments.  Even as men feel the horrific consequences of God’s judgment, they still persist in their rebellion.

1.  Repetition – these judgments mirror the trumpet judgments in kind but are greater in intensity
2.  Retribution – because they have shed innocent blood they will be judged by blood
3.  Rejection – men still rebel against God even in their suffering

God deals with us in similar ways.  God brings or allows consequences in my life to get my attention and my cooperation in accomplishing His plan for my life.

1.  Be alert to God’s promptings
2.  Be submissive to God’s principles
3.  Be hopeful in God’s promises

Walk with the Lord and make the right choice!!!

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