Making The Most Of Spiritual Opportunity! – 2 Kings 13:14-21

Elisha is on his deathbed after a long ministry for God.  He is allowed to give king Joash an opportunity for great victory.  This passage helps us understand how we can make the most of spiritual opportunities.

1.  Stay in the place of spiritual opportunities – Joash went to visit the man of God, showed him respect and listened to what he had to say.
2.  See the spiritual opportunity – Joash was to shoot an arrow with Elisha and then shoot a quiver full of arrows himself.  This indicated military success.
3.  Seize the spiritual opportunity – Joash only participated halfheartedly and therefore did not receive all that he could have from the Lord.

We will also be given spiritual opportunity from God.  Live wholeheartedly for Christ!  Come expectantly!  Be in the Word! Be in Church!  Listen carefully and hear eagerly!  Yield completely and obey diligently! 

Walk with the Lord and make the most of spiritual opportunity!!!

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