Malachi 1:1-14

We begin with a comparison of Jacob and Esau.  God reaffirms His love for Israel, and a real dislike even to a point that He calls hatred for Esau, later of the nation called Edom.  It is not the man or the nation, but the evil of the man Esau and the wickedness of the nation.  The New Testament calls Esau a profane person in Hebrews 12:16.  We don’t want to be like him.
 Next, God is making a comparison of son and father where He says, “If I am your Father where is my honor or if I am Master where is my fear or respect.”  God talks about polluted bread on the altar.  Then the sacrifice of blind sleep.  I don’t know if this is symbolic or literal.  I must be careful not to offer blind sheep or polluted bread symbolically to God.  Romans 12:1 says we are to lay down our bodies as living sacrifices.  That means all that I have and all that I am. 
Next is money for everything we do.  Here in the text it is opening the doors of the temple or making a fire on the altar.  Do I need compensation for everything I do for the Lord.  God ends up this chapter saying enough of your blind sheep and polluted bread for I am a great King says the LORD of hosts. In this chapter there is a blessing for obedience or a great loss otherwise.
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