Mark 11: 25-33

 This section deals with the thought of forgiving someone who may wrong us.  Jesus speaks here of the Father not forgiving us if we don’t forgive others.  I do believe however this is under the era before Pentecost and the Church age.  Now all is forgiven by the grace of God because of Jesus blood at the Cross.  I still say that I am not excused in a non-forgiving mood.
Next Jesus is asked by the religious men of that day by what authority He did the things He did.  Jesus in His divine wisdom counters them with a question of His own whether the baptism of John was of Heaven or of men.  Either answer from them would have been troubling so they just said, “We cannot tell.” So Jesus just said, “Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things.”  If they knew prophesy they would have had the right answer to Jesus authority and also about John’s baptism which we know had to be heavenly as he was filled with the Holy Spirit from birth.
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