Mark 14:1-11

The elitist Jews were looking for some way to take Jesus and destroy Him. They were fearful of the common people and perhaps of their actions setting off a riot because of all the miracles Jesus had done for them. It’s funny how they were willing to break their own Sabbath rules to see to it that this threat to their power over the people would be destroyed.

The incident in the next few verses are very interesting.  A parallel passage in the twelveth chapter of John tells us the story about Mary of Bethany.  Evidently Simon the so called leper must have been the father of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.
Mary had this costly perfume that she poured on Jesus.  A better description is found in the passage of John..  In both places there was complaining against Mary for using this very  expensive perfume to anoint Jesus.  More details can be found in the account of John about Judas being the person who started the complaint and probably carried on by the rest of the disciples.  In John we are told that Judas had ulterior motives because he was dishonest. He had been taking money from their money bag that he had been entrusted to care for. Jesus scolds them to leave Mary alone because she had done this for His burial.  Do you wonder where she got the idea that Jesus was going to die?  My thoughts are that in Luke 10:39-52, while Martha was so busy fretting over preparing a meal to serve Jesus, Mary was sitting at his feet and taking in every word Jesus was saying.  It is very likely he was preparing her listening heart to receive the news of his upcoming death. 

The last of this is that Judas Iscariot came to the Jewish leaders to betray Jesus.  It is possible that what Jesus said may have angered Judas and set him off to go betray him..  The thing I get for myself out of this is not to ignore what the Bible says or just think of it as nothing.
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