Mark 16:1-8

The way Mark describes the resurrection of Jesus doesn’t have as many of the details as the other three evangelists do.   They each tell the story with their own purposes in mind and from their individual perspectives.  However, it takes all four accounts to bring out what needs to be said about Jesus and the resurrection.  Each of the four Gospel accounts share a little bit of a different perspective from the author’s eyes. The first event seen is certain women coming to the tomb in the early morning with special spices to annoint the body of Jesus.  Their question could make us smile:  Who shall roll away the stone from the tomb?  By the time they get there, the tomb was empty.  As they went into the tomb, they see a young man who told them that the Lord was risen.  Peter is instructed to go into Galilee and see Jesus there.  There is not much said in these eight verses.  Now what do I say?  Where would we be if Jesus had not risen from the dead?  Because He rose from the dead, I can too.  I like the song chorus:  “Living He loved me, dying He saved me, buried He carried my sin far away.  Rising He justified, freely forever.  One day He’s coming.  Oh glorious day!”  Indeed the Resurrection is the most pivotal event of the Christian faith.  It is the blessed hope of every believer!

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