Mark 2:13-28

What kind of a Man is this that He could come by a man like Levi (better known as Matthew) with a lucrative position and just say follow me and he leaves that job and follows.  It was a choice I didn’t have to make because of the kind of sinner I was.

Jesus, when criticized called Himself a physician. I call Him the Great Physician.  There is a song like this more used in England than here.

Next, when the question fasting came, John was already in prison and Pharisees fasted all the time.  Jesus calls Himself the Bridegroom and He was present with them.  He talks about a time when He would be taken away which would come soon.  We can be free to fast now.

Jesus then gives the example here about serving a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment and new wine.  The Pharisees and religious Jews were an example of the old cloth and old wine skins.  Jesus doctrine made the tear in the old cloth and wineskins.  They couldn’t endure His doctrine but the disciples were able to work themselves right in.  They were not stubbornly engrossed in doctrine of the Jews and of the Old Testament.  It is slightly different about the Apostle Paul.

Next, there is the story of the picking and shelling grain on the Sabbath Day.  This was  a law made by the Pharisees and Scribes and not written that way in the law of Moses.  The real law of Moses was they could grab the grain that they could rub out and eat but were forbidden to take sheaves home.  Nothing was said about the Sabbath.  Taking and shelling a handful was not considered work nor stealing.  They could take an apple off a tree but they could not shake the tree nor take some home.  Jesus uses David and his men as an example and by rights they maybe shouldn’t have eaten that Shewbread. Next, Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.  It was for rest one day a week.

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