Mark 2:13-28

Here I want to emphasis a phrase, “He taught them.” How is the gospel carried on? We have come to an age of so called “professional preachers” and mega churches with one man carrying the so called ball.  In some ways I detest that.  It makes pew sitters of the rest of them.  Can’t all of us Christians teach someone? This brings them to the enclosure of the four walls of the church.
The next thing I want to talk about is the call of Levi (Matthew) the tax collector.  Jesus is asking two simple words “follow me”. Interesting to look at where those two words are mentioned in the four gospels.  Notice he left a very good business to follow Jesus.  Then to top it all off he threw a party with Jesus invited.  I wonder how many of those tax collectors wwere touched by Jesus that day.  There were complaints by the religious crowd and there always will be.  Now it is very similar to the “politically correct” people of our day.
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