Mark 3:22-35

Jesus is accused of casting out demons by the ruler of demons.  Jesus counters that statement by stating that Satan is the ruler of demons.  They could be considered a kind of kingdom.  It was a foolish thought that Satan would eliminate his own kind.

Now why would Jesus give this statement about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?  When Jesus came up from His baptism, John proclaimed, “When I saw the Holy Spirit come down and remain on Him, I saw and bore record that this IS the Son of God!”  Jesus did not do these miracles solely by himself.  So their accusation was against the Holy Spirit.  I will not make any comments whether anyone else could be subject to Jesus’ statement, especially the scoffers of today.   

I want to make a statement about a kingdom divided.  Jesus statement in John 17:21, That they all may be “one”–that the world may know that you have sent me.  What a disservice to the world that God’s people are so divided.  The people’s talk affected Jesus’ mother and brothers.  I think Mary should have known better.  It seems they wanted to speak to Him to ease off a little, but He countered with a question:  Who is my mother and my brothers?  Then it was those who entered a relationship with Him by hearing Him.  Now it is the same.  I began my relationship with Him in May 1956, fifty eight years ago.  I heard Him then and am still hearing Him today. 
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