Mark 5:1-10

I find it interesting where this incident takes place.  It was outside the territory of Israel. It was the place where Rueben and God and the half tribe of Manasseh wanted before the conquest of Canaan.

What was Jesus doing there? Could it be that it was for this very man mentioned in this devotion He came here? He was a pitiable man.  Wore no clothes, could not be bound.  Who could help him?  Jesus could.  Notice the demons in this man recognized who Jesus was.  That was something those in Israel did not seem to do. 

When Jesus asked the mans name it was said Legion because of the many demons that were in the man.  He was a pitiful mess.

I have to go beyond my verses for today.  There was a herder of 2000 pigs in the area.  Since the demons knew what Jesus would do they requested that Jesus send them into the pigs.  The pigs were so violent they went into the sea. 

The man was now clothed and in his right mind sitting at Jesus feet.  What a difference Jesus can make to someone who is helpless and hopeless.  He made that difference to me and He can for you.

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