Mark 6:45-56

This is one of two incidents of Jesus and His disciples crossing the sea, although Jesus was not in the boat until the wind stopped in this story.  The other story is when Jesus was asleep in the boat and they awoke Him saying, “Do you not care that we are perishing?” In that story they must have felt He could help.

In this incident in Matthew’s gospel Peter asks Jesus when He approaches walking on the sea that he could come out to Him on the water.  There is an interesting word difference there in Matthew where it says that Jesus walk is on the sea and Peter walks out on the water. Jesus has control of the sea.  Peter walks on the water.  However it isn’t long until Peter gets scared and loses his faith and begins to sink and cries out, “Lord save me?” Jesus holds out His hand and says, “Oh you of little faith.  Why did you doubt?”

Getting back to the story in Mark which says that Jesus went to the mountain alone to pray.  My interesting thought is this, while Jesus is on the mountain praying the disciples were out in the storm.  Jesus is now in Heaven at the right hand of the Father as we are going through our storms of life.  He could walk on the sea then.  In our greatest storm He may come to us in the sky.  Here He says , “It is I do not be afraid.” In verse 52 it says, “They had not understood about the loaves because their hearts were hardened.” When we come to another crises do we remember a previous deliverance. When they got to the place called Genesaret the people recognized Jesus and brought out sick even on beds wherever they heard He was. Like the woman in another story they even wanted to touch the hem of His garment.  I want to touch the hem of the garment of this Heavenly Man.  However, now He is our Man in the glory.

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