Mark 9:42-50

In these verses, Jesus is talking about the seriousness of one who is responsible for turning children aside into sin.  When I think of what is happening in our country today, I am appalled at what is taught to children today, to say nothing of bad parents.  Verses 43 to 48 speaks of the eternity of consciousness for those who will end up in hell.  There is no let up forever.  That is why I urge people to accept Christ and have their sins washed away and they will be forever justified in Heaven.
The last verse speaks of salt.  Christians are called the salt of this world in Matthew 5:13.  There is something about salt.  It is a preservative.  It gives flavor.  It even prevents feet from slipping.  I do believe in general there has been failure because Christians have become more like the world.  What good is salt when it loses its saltiness?  In the days when this was said by Jesus, salt was stored in certain ways that it could lose its saltiness.  I don’t want this to happen to me.  It should not happen to you either.  Satan would love nothing better than for this to happen to the Christian.  His whole goal is to try to stop or limit our influence in this lost world and prevent others from coming to Christ.  Let’s resolve not to allow him to take away our influence.
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