Marriage Tune Up Series


The Marriage Tune Up message series is intentionally designed to help couples grow in their marriage. This five-part growth series involves both engaging with the sermons, and completing homework assignments that utilize free counseling resources that were created by respected Christian counseling ministries. For sermons one and two (Owners Manual and High Octane Love), the homework is simple, it merely involves praying with your spouse, thanking God for your marriage, and asking Him to help you grow together. Sermon 3 deals with the important issue of communication. To help couples grow in their ability to communicate with each other, the homework assignment is to take the Five Love Languages assessment, and discuss the results with your spouse, considering how understanding your spouses Love Languages can help you communicate better. Sermons four and five deal with Love and Respect. The homework assignment for that is to engage in a two-week-long couples devotional series that is produced by Love and Respect ministries. The links to both of these helpful tools are included on this webpage below. – Pastor Daniel Kitinoja


5 Love Languages Quiz – Complete the 5 Love Languages quiz to determine your love language.

15 Day Plan – Opt into the 15 Day Plan from Love and Respect Academy.



Sermon 1 – Sermon starts at 18:50

Sermon 2 – Sermon starts at 16:00

Sermon 3 – Sermon starts at 18:30

Sermon 4 – Sermon starts at 20:00

Sermon 5 – Sermon starts at 23:00

Sermon 6 – Sermon starts at 28:00