Meekness In The Home! – 1 Peter 3:1-7

God shares through Peter that a powerful way to “show” (2:9) Christ to the world is through meekness.  Jesus Christ is the greatest example of meekness.  Meekness is yielding our rights to God.  A key word in this passage is “Likewise”.  Peter has just described the meek example of Jesus in chapter 2 and then says “Likewise ye wives”(v.1) and “Likewise ye husbands”(v.7).  In the same way that Jesus showed meekness in this world you are to demonstrate it in your home.

1.  As wives – If you will submit to your husbands with quietness and respect you will show Christ.
2.  As husbands – If you will honor your wives in knowledge, kindness and oneness you will show Christ.

The key is trusting God enough to yield our rights without fear.  Do I believe that God is a righteous judge who will only allow in my life that which is for my good and His glory!  If I do then I am free to treat my wife with value knowing and meeting her needs before my own.  I will treat her with kindness and gentleness manifesting an understanding heart and I will seek to develop a oneness and unity rather than dwell in isolated selfishness.

Walk with the Lord and show meekness in the home!!!

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