Micah 6:1-8

The reason God had a controversy with Israel is He picked out the man, Abraham to become a nation for Himself.  From there He led the nation into Egypt waiting for the proper time which He had already told Abraham about in a vision.  He would bring them out of Egypt and go before them in order to bring them back to the land of Canaan using Moses, Aaron and Miriam to accomplish His purpose.

The phrase, “That ye may know the righteousness of the LORD”, is very significant to me.  God will always do right no matter what I think of what’s going on around me.  He is sovereign and does what He wills.  Shall I scold Him?
The next three verses are very significant.  What is better?  To sin and appease God with one burnt offering after another.  It appears some were doing like the nations around them, offering their firstborn sons for the sin of their soul.  The best way to make God happy is to do justly and to love mercy and walk with thy God.  This speaks volumes to me.  I must not try to appease God after my sin, but to just repent and stop sinning.
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