Numbers 14:6-19

When I think of Joshua and Caleb at this time I think of two words, “We can!” Perhaps I may rephrase it saying, “We can’t but God can!” I am not sure according to Deuteronomy 22 that it was God’s idea to send the spies.  God sometimes goes along with people who are bent on something not of His mind.  I always want to be in the current of His will.  Forty years was wasted because they wanted to do it their own way.
There is a word in verse 11.  It is the word provoke.  How long will they provoke me?  I am surprised how many times that word is used in the Old Testament.
God seemed bent on their destruction.  However, Moses became their intercessor.  Personally I don’t think God was going to do that.  Some could disagree and that’s okay. Moses gives reasons that God should not destroy them, but what he mentions most is that His great name and what He promised them.  I feel that is true about the United States and how it was founded.  We must as a country uphold His great name.
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