Numbers 1:47-2:2

I don’t know why God chose the Levites to work around and take care of this precious piece of equipment call the Tabernacle.  It was set up by Moses after 40 days and nights on the spiritual mountain called Sinai.
I would like to say that all would have gone well if they kept their place and did their duty, but as we look at the rest of the Old Testament it was not always the case.
Now as we are in the New Testament era things have changed.  We are in type Levites, in fact, in two places. In I Peter 2:9 we are called Royal priests and in Revelation 1:6 a kingdom of priests.  I wonder if every Christian is performing this function.  Here in this time it is not that the tent Tabernacle which was cared for by the tribe from Levi, but we have the true Tabernacle not made with man’s hands.  It is the house of God which is the Church of the Living God the pillar and ground of the truth.  We should be the true Levites of today.

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