Numbers 17:1-11

In the former chapter we have seen what Jude wrote about in the New Testament as the rebellion of Korah.  Now God is going to show who He has chosen to be the High Priest.  Remember Aaron by this time was faulty in two different incidents.
Now God was telling all the leading men of each tribe to each one a take a rod (stick) and lay them up in the Tabernacle of the congregation. God did this to stop the murmurings (complaining) of the Israelites.  With these rods God would show who He had chosen to be the High Priest.  I will ask the question here.  What is God going to do with 12 dry sticks? He would show what He could do.  The next day when Moses went in Aaron’s rod both budded blossomed and even brought forth almonds.  Aaron was the chosen one.
What can God do with you?  I was a dry stick once upon a time. God has proven He can do something with me.  I had to take my place and own that there was nothing in me that would bring anything good.  However with the working of the Holy Spirit, He can.
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