Numbers 22:1-15

There is an interesting statement in the small letter in the Bible called Jude.  In verse 11 it speaks of three different paths in life here in this world.  There is the way of Cain, the error of Balaam and the gainsaying of Korah which is rebellion.  The man in question in this blog is Balaam in our verses for today.
In this story today we see three men Balak who is the king of the country of Moab who wanted a curse on Israel.  We must remember Israelites were the people of God.  Then there is Balaam who claimed to be a prophet.  Exactly what king of a prophet I cannot say.  Balak offered a sum of money to curse the people of God. Even here there is a lot of ignorance in this man about God and the people of God. 
God speaks to Balaam but he still remains in ignorance about God and His purpose for Israel.  We must be careful that our knowledge of God is more intelligent than that of Balaam.  The Bible tells us what God is like.  Read it and know God.
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