Numbers 32:16-31

My special reason for finding this story interesting is this.  The men of these 2 ½ tribes, Rueben, God and the half tribe of Manasseh wanted to remain on the outside of the Promised Land because it looked good to them.  I call this present advantage.  Also they wanted their women and children to be safe.  The thing I see that would be detrimental about this is that only the men of war would experience the parting of the river Jordan. They would come home after the war and tell the women and children all about it.  They would miss the excitement of the conquering of Jericho.  I could use the words etc. because these women and children would miss the excitement of the land of promise.  Their land would forever be outside the land of promise.
I present these thoughts to men of God. Get your wives and children to enter into what you are doing or are you doing anything for God’s glory? If not when is the time to start?
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