Numbers 9:1-5;15-23

These verses tell us about the first Passover after the original one while they were still in Egypt.  This would continue until the time of Jesus Christ and in some form Israel still keeps it today but not now with the blood of a lamb.  Paul tells the Corinthian church in his letter (5:7) “Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us.” When Jesus was groaning in death lambs were killed all over Jerusalem to be observed the next day.
In the other verses when the Tabernacle (was raised up tent of the testimony)there was the cloud that covered it.  This cloud was the sign of God’s ever presence.  It became a pillar of fire at night.  This cloud became a sign that if it remained over the tabernacle they would stay where they were, but if the cloud was taken up they would start on a journey.  The timing of the journey was up to God.
The lesson I see for myself is that like God determined their movements so He can determine mine and yours. My question is do we move by ourselves or by God’s determination?
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