Overcoming Fear Of The Enemy! – 2 Kings 19:5-20

The Assyrians sought to intimidate Judah and king Hezekiah by writing them threatening letters.  The Assyrians were very vicious people and were conquering many nations.  Hezekiah responded in the right way and was delivered.

1.  Position – Hezekiah went to the house of God and acknowledged his dependence on God as a child of God.
2.  Promises – Hezekiah sent to Isaiah to get the Word of God and His promise of protection.
3.  Prayer – Hezekiah prayed to God specifically asking for deliverance.

No matter what fearful thing we are facing we can overcome fear by:

1. Remembering we belong to the Lord and depending on Him.
2. Relying on the promises of God and His encouragement to “fear not”.  Read the Word rest in God’s truth.
3. Requesting God’s help.  Pray about everything.

Walk with the Lord and overcome the fear of the enemy!!!

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