Please Pass The “Bread”! – John 6:35-40

Jesus claimed to be the “Bread of life”.  When He said “I am the bread of life”, He was claiming to be God.  The “I am” or “Jehovah” appeared to Moses in Exodus chapter 3 and supplied manna in the wilderness.  That physical bread helped to sustain physical life.  Jesus Christ is God, himself, coming to bring spiritual and eternal life.

1.  The source of Bread – Jesus Christ came from Heaven.  He was not of earthly origin.
2.  The supply of Bread – Jesus Christ took on an earthly body to be offered as the one sufficient sacrifice for sin.
3.  The sharing of Bread – Jesus Christ must be received by faith just as physical bread must be ingested in order to have life.

I must partake of the “Bread” and then pass it on to others!

Walk with the Lord and pass the “Bread”!!!

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