Prepare For Christ’s Coming! – 2 Thessalonians 2:6-12

Paul describes some of the activity around Christ’s coming.

1.  Restraining v.7 – “letteth” – The Holy Spirit through His indwelling and filling of believers is holding back the full influence of evil from satan.  When the Church is caught up in the rapture the same work will not be in place.

2.  Revealing v.8 – “Wicked One” – The anti-Christ will then be manifest to begin his terrible reign during the tribulation period.

3.  Rendering v.10-12 – “them that perish” – Judgment will come upon all those who have rejected the truth.

Part of the work of the Holy Spirit in my life is the restraining of evil in this world.  As the Holy Spirit controls me I am to be salt and light to stand boldly and compassionately for truth and right.  This work is not to try to conform people to righteousness through the pressure of exterior laws but to keep the freedom and opportunity to share the gospel that can change men from the inside out.

Walk with the Lord and prepare for Christ’s coming!!!

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