Proverbs 1:10-19

 Notice the words, “If sinners entice thee.” We all must have heard words of parents, “Our son is easily led.” If that is true, these parents can lead them to Christ or they can get them in contact with someone who will lead them.
Notice the smooth speech of those who do entice unaware souls saying, “Come with us.”
Laying out what they say are wonderful plans but they are as crooked as snakes.  I would say to every young fellow or girl.  Don’t go that way!  You will regret it eventually.
As a way of testimony I can say I was on that way too, until the age of 21 when I found Christ as Savior.  that was a change of mind which is the best definition of repentance.  Richard Roberts who is a revival preacher says it best, a changed mind.  That happened to me 61 years ago.  I never regretted it.

by Pastor Curt Darling

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